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to bring (something): bringen, (etw.) mitbringen
Dieses Verb ist unregelmäßig:
I bring / I brought / I have brought

to bring (somebody somewhere): (jemanden irgendwo) hinbringen
Pronunciation examples
UK: Please could you bring me a present back from your holiday?
US: I brought you back a snake from Africa.
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  • "He was known as the "Father of Fragrance", but it was his grandson Bruno who brought international recognition to the Delavigne name."
  • "Bring your guitar, just in case."
  • "Step 5 - Bring your gift to the party, where it will be given to the appropriate person."
  • "Voice : Hmm. Did you bring pizza?"
  • "I brought my eyes wide shut mask and everything!"
  • "Don't forget to bring the doctor's note this time, Cheeter."
  • "Customs Agent : Did you bring cheese, vegetables or animals into the country?"
  • "Today I bring you two new initiates."
  • "Do you have to bring that stuff with you on every trip, Horatio?"

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