By the time

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by (the end of the week): bis spätestens (Ende der Woche)
The results will be announced by Monday. Die Ergebnisse werden spätestens Montag bekannt gegeben.
Cashman should be here by now. Cashman müsste jetzt hier sein.

By the time (you read this, I will be gone): Wenn (du dies liest, bin ich schon weg)


  • "If the Intergalactic Tax Office doesn't receive it by midnight, the planet will be destroyed!"
  • "Be ready at the bus depot by 5 AM. Sorry, money is tight right now."
  • "You must be in the dining room at 7.30 sharp , and have finished eating by 7.45 sharp ."
  • "Otherwise, give me a chance, and I'll have a report for you by Tuesday."
  • "I want that server by tomorrow, and I'm not taking 'No' for an answer!"
  • "By the time it reaches Brazil, we will have missed the delivery deadline!"
  • "I need, like, three thousand copies by Tuesday!"
  • "Unless this contract is signed (in duplicate) by tomorrow, we will be forced to withdraw our 2.5 million dollar offer for the branding rights."
  • "Tomorrow morning I have to finish an interim financial report, and Kevin still hasn't gotten back to me with the figures I need from the factories in Asia, and I already asked him eight times, and Bruno's going to be furious if the finished report isn't on his desk by 12."
  • "- You must check out by 8AM on your day of departure."

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