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(to take) a cab: ein Taxi (nehmen)

a cabbie: ein Taxifahrer


  • "Welcome to my taxi cab."
  • "Cabbie : I tell you what, let's just have a couple of good old fashioned pints, shall we?"
  • "Cabbie : No, not me darling, but I could do if you like."
  • "A woman cab driver."
  • "Cabbie : Don't worry about the film darling, you won't be watching the screen!"
  • "Kimberly the cabbie."
  • "Brian : She had a famous person in her cab."
  • "Ooh you'll never guess who I had in my cab the other day."
  • "Cabbie : I've got an idea, let's go catch a film, shall we?"
  • "Cabbie : Go on then, get your coat."

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