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a chicken: ein Hähnchen, ein Hühnchen


  • "In the following chapters, you will discover shocking accusations and fabrications about Bruno, including: blackmail, adultery, Swedish au pairs, cross dressing, high-stakes scuba diving, and even illegal chicken fights."
  • "Here's another joke: A man goes to the doctor and says, 'Doctor, my wife thinks she's a chicken."
  • "Chicken : Bak."
  • "I am a big fan of Mandarin Chicken, if that helps."
  • "Chicken : Mak mak bak bak bacaw."
  • "Chapter 3: Illegal chicken fighting controversy"
  • "Chicken : Bacaw!"
  • "Dolphins, monkeys, chickens, dogs, tigers, goats, bears and even a camel named Sheeba."
  • "Here is the chicken you'll be enjoying tonight."
  • "Bruno and Horatio's Miracle Juices, a fledgling juice and smoothie bar, caused a stir last month when their 'miraculous' juices allegedly cured a man of his loneliness, reunited a lost parrot with his lover, and helped settle a bitter dispute between a chicken and an egg."

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