Come up

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(A message) came up (on the screen): (Eine Nachricht) erschien (auf dem Bildschirm)

Come up (to my bedroom, I want to show you sthg): Komm herauf (in mein Schlafzimmer, ich will dir etwas zeigen)

(I am very stressed with this test) coming up: (Der) aufkommende (Test beunruhigt mich sehr)


  • "What's coming up after the break, Brent?"
  • "(On intercom) Polly, tell Horatio to come up here right now."
  • "If everyone could come up to my office before the end of this week to pick a name out of a hat (although truth be told, I don't own any hats, so we'll be using an envelope), I would appreciate it."
  • "August 21st : Error message came up on the main terminal regarding a shortage of memory."
  • "Mr. Cheeter, since you seem to enjoy using my classroom as a platform for your buffoonery, why don't you come up to the board and show us how you think this problem should be solved?"
  • "If anything matching my requirements does come up, I am still interested, so please do keep my records on file."
  • "Don't be one of them. Come up here and give it your best shot."
  • "More importantly, coming up on your left is Fenway Park, home of the 2007 World champions of baseball, the Boston Red Sox!"
  • "Edward Yeah, it's not as if he's going to come up and say hello to us!"
  • "Jean come up here!"

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