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a copy: eine Kopie

to copy: kopieren


  • "Specifically, I'll need 5 copies of this contract copied and collated."
  • "I need, like, three thousand copies by Tuesday!"
  • "I'll send you both an advance copy this afternoon!"
  • "Specifically, I'll need 5 copies of this contract copied and collated."
  • "Edward : Errand boy slash copy boy slash coffee boy - just a boy, really."
  • "My divorce is finally final, and my monkey has learned to copy my signature."
  • "I stand before you today not as a pimple-faced intern, fetching coffee and making copies, but as a modern-day Adonis: statuesque, strong, confident."
  • "I'll go and make those copies now, and I'll 'collate' them really well, I'll go in the dictionary-"
  • "Below you'll find a copy of my itinerary."
  • "I make coffee, make copies, make more coffee."

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