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an (English) course : ein (Englisch-) Kurs
Mechanics course ein Mechanikkurs

a (race) course: eine Rennbahn

a (golf) course: ein Golfplatz
Bitte verwechseln sie das Wort nicht mit einem Gang beim Essen:

first course Vorspeise


  • "Mrs. Brady's School of English offers a 2-week general English course (20 lessons of 45 mins per week) with an activities and excursion programme for £800 (food and accommodation included)."
  • "The course is open to 14-18 year-olds from all over the world!"
  • "perhaps a course in American literature would be better?"
  • "If anything, I would recommend Spanish or Chinese courses."
  • "Please, I'll leave, but just give Dave and Laura the French courses."
  • "I think I could ask Luna if Human Resources would fund a stress-management course for us Delavigne employees in high-pressure jobs."
  • "But how can you tell me that French courses are vital to this company's needs?"
  • "I'm writing to you with a fabulous new idea: French courses!"
  • "Horatio : Yes, I am using an innovative online course to help me learn."
  • "I'll look into French courses for Dave and Laura, okay?"

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