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the crowd: die Menschenmenge, das Gedränge

(a) crowded (metro): (eine) überfüllte (Metro)
The stadium was very crowded Das Stadion war überfüllt.


  • "Crowd : Gasp!"
  • "Crowd : Faster!"
  • "A rare Siberian tiger named "Shoshana" escaped from her pen at the San Francisco zoo yesterday night and attacked a crowd of seven teenagers who had been insulting her, seriously injuring all seven of them. An eighth person, a six year old boy named Timothy Aldridge, was licked by the tiger, and later said the tiger's tongue felt "like sandpaper" and that her breath smelled like "muffins"."
  • "Brian : Bruno, the crowd is out of control!"
  • "Crowd : Beer!"
  • "Crowd : Fight, fight, fight."
  • "Now we're entering the final minutes of regulation play and the crowd is hoping for one more goal to give the Mexicans a victory."
  • "Crowd : Shhh!"
  • "Thank you, you guys are so much better than last night's crowd, you're much too kind."

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