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despite: trotz
Auf despite folgt direkt ein Substantiv (oder ein Verb in der Form des Gerundiums):

Despite his size, he was a very good athlete. Trotz seiner Größe war er ein sehr guter Athlet. (oder In spite of his size...)
Despite eating burgers every day, she never gains weight. Trotz der Hamburger, die sie täglich isst, nimmt sie nie zu.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I enjoyed our trip to the Seychelles, despite the weather.
US: Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage.
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  • "However, despite my tastes and means, I cannot be expected to keep buying fine art out of my own pocket, and I will bring up the matter of finances at the next shareholders meeting."
  • "Despite gloomy financial forecasts for its competitors, the perfume giant is set to have one of their most successful Christmases ever with sales up 15% since this time last year."
  • "First of all, you'll be happy to know that despite Bruno's absence, our shareholders still have confidence in us."
  • "They are trying to break me, Bruno, and I am afraid that despite my rugged, tough exterior, I may not last."
  • "Anyway, despite your commendable efforts, I have decided it would be best to hire the janitor through a cleaning agency."
  • "Despite their reputation for spontaneous combustion in the 1930s, airships are back."
  • "It's true that Stickypedia is maintained by anonymous volunteers rather than renowned experts, but despite this, it works remarkably well!"
  • "Despite making up only 2% of the world's population, the Japanese account for one fifth of skin care sales."
  • "Despite these steps, the server is still on its death bed."
  • "You'll be pleased to know that despite our little incident, I managed to talk those suckers at 'Smells R Us' into renewing their orders for the upcoming year."

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