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to destroy: zerstören
The fire completely destroyed the bra factories. Das Feuer zerstörte die Büstenhalter-Fabriken komplett.

destructive: destruktiv, zerstörerisch


  • "Are you here to destroy the earth and make slaves of the earthlings?"
  • "She writes "Susie, I receive a lot of e-mails every day, should I answer them or just destroy my computer?"
  • "In any case, destroying your computer sounds a bit extreme."
  • "Brazil: yesterday, 200 square miles of the Amazon Rainforest were destroyed."
  • "I am not a destroyer of companies, I am a liberator of them."
  • "And I could finance my lifelong ambition of destroying the sun!"
  • "As you may have heard, your last delivery of perfume was destroyed in a freak traffic accident."
  • "A big event like this could destroy our reputation!"
  • "The bad news is: some faulty incense sticks led to a small fire in my office and destroyed all of the candidates' files."
  • "
    Bruno: Ah destroying the computer - what I like to call the "Horatio Option".

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