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downtown: die Innenstadt, das Stadtzentrum
We already have three stores in downtown San Francisco. Wir haben bereits drei Geschäfte in der Innnenstadt von San Francisco.

uptown: im oberen Stadtviertel


  • "Man, did you see all those homos downtown this morning?"
  • "We're going to the Modern Science Museum, downtown please."
  • "Excellent location: within walking distance of downtown"
  • "I'm the retail manager for our store downtown."
  • "Professor Pong explains, 'Wang has a vision, he wants to make downtown Shanghai the next 5th Avenue or the next Champs Elysees."
  • "Edward : On the way downtown I fell asleep"
  • "Regarding a restaurant in Hong-Kong: if you want to try something different, I really enjoy 'The Joyful Shrimp Palace', located downtown."
  • "Delavigne Flagship Store, Downtown San Francisco"
  • "Could you recommend a place to stay downtown?"
  • "Host : Tonight's first contestant works for a perfume company in downtown San Francisco."

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