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the earth: die Erde
I hope that aliens will visit Earth one day. Ich hoffe, dass eines Tages Aliens die Erde besuchen werden.
To grow sweet carrots you need earth and sand. Um süße Karotten anzubauen, braucht man Erde und Sand.


  • "Greenzo: Saving the earth while maintaining profitability."
  • "Prepare yourself for the descent, you are going to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere."
  • "Delavigne is the best company on the Earth"
  • "Right now I am standing outside the hottest party in Hollywood, home of the most important people on earth: celebrities."
  • "Is that the Earth?"
  • "You are coming down to Earth, captain, whether you like it or not."
  • "You are due to leave Earth's atmosphere in 30 seconds."
  • "Feel the thrust of a rocket motor reaching Mach 3 as you fly beyond the Earth's atmosphere."
  • "You're like an angel who came to earth, and from heaven you fell"

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