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an edition: eine Edition, eine Ausgabe, eine Auflage


  • "Join us tomorrow for another edition of 'Mind your Business'!"
  • "I'm Moira MacDonald and I welcome you to the morning edition of Radio Rhubarb."
  • "Philip : Ah, but what you carry is the regular edition of 'Bordello Breeze', this is the gold label edition, exclusively packaged within a unique collector's item boxed set."
  • "The boxed set will feature three vintage Delavigne perfumes: 'Moulin Magic', 'Paris by night' and the new gold-label edition of 'Bordello Breeze'."
  • "The first edition of our weekly Current Events Club will be held on Wednesday at 12:00."
  • "Hello everyone and thank you for coming to the inaugural edition of Brian Jones' Current Events Club!"
  • "Moira : Welcome to an extra special edition of Radio Rhubarb, folks!"
  • "This is Brent Vanderplop with a special Hollywood edition of Radio Rhubarb!"
  • "Cheapskate Software : The 2000 edition is available for under $300 per software license!"

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