Exclusive contract

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an exclusive contract: ein Exklusivvertrag
Warbuckle has an exclusive contract to distribute Delavigne perfumes. Warbuckle hat einen Exklusivvertrag zum Vertrieb von Delavigne-Parfums.

exclusive: exklusiv
Bruno belongs to many exclusive clubs. Bruno gehört vielen exklusiven Klubs an.
an exclusive interview ein Exklusivinterview

an exclusive: ein Exklusivbericht


  • "EXCLUSIVE: Leaked transcript of Miracle Juice negotiations emerge online"
  • "(NASDAQ: IFC) and privately-owned American juice boutique Miracle Juices enter their 85th straight hour, the Peking Duck has obtained an exclusive transcript of a portion of the bargaining sessions."
  • "Tomorrow: An exclusive Crawl Street Journal podcast inside the new gallery!"
  • "The point is that I have big plans for this company - we are going to make an exclusive line of perfumes for babies, and naturally the first step is baby testing."
  • "In any case, I think you have a misconception that publicity and helping the environment are mutually exclusive!"
  • "But of course, if you don't think you're up to the challenge of selling this exclusive product, then."
  • "Caroline : I've done some research on Delavigne, and I'm fully aware of your current online presence, it's very exclusive."
  • "As a special treat, we have an exclusive perfume range which is only available in this store."
  • "The book will be privately published and given to 500 of our most exclusive clients to reward them for their loyalty (and hopefully make us look pretty cool)."
  • "Today we've been granted the exclusive opportunity to discover the many secrets of his magnificent, splendiferous, fantabulous, audacious, enormous."

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