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to expand: expandieren, ausdehnen, erweitern, vergrößern
Delavigne is currently expanding to the Japanese market. Delavigne ist zur Zeit dabei, sich auf den japanischen Markt auszudehnen.


  • "Bruno : Actually Glenn, I'm thinking about expanding the office."
  • "Bruno : Actually we already have an office in Sydney which I want to expand, but Glenn tells me that New Zealand is a viable alternative."
  • "I noticed that you have expanded the family business."
  • "Therefore, the central buying commission wants to expand our range of Delavigne perfumes."
  • "Brian : No, It's a financial term. Businesses stop expanding, revenues decline, employment falls and unemployment rises."
  • "Over the years, the company has gradually expanded its production to skincare and beauty products, while continuing to manufacture fine perfumes."
  • "Over the years the company has expanded its production to skincare and beauty products while continuing to manufacture fine perfumes."
  • ""Wang Industries is making a strong move not only to expand its interests westward, but to become more involved at the distribution and retail levels of commerce."

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