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Übersetzung & Definition

extremely (difficult): extrem, äußerst (schwierig)

extreme (punishment): (eine) extreme, drastische (Bestrafung)


  • "In previous ad campaigns, Outback Cologne has been marketed as an extremely masculine scent for the "outdoorsy", "rugged", "manly" type."
  • "In any case, destroying your computer sounds a bit extreme."
  • "When I started out, I was extremely career orientated."
  • "I am extremely emotional right now."
  • "Making your secretary take down, and then type, a complaint letter about herself is extremely cruel."
  • "The San Francisco Ballet is an internationally-renowned troupe of extremely talented dancers, including fabulous ballerinas and principal dancers."
  • "The day is reported as being "extremely unpopular" with workers and school children."
  • "I am extremely popular in Germany."
  • "Brian : Well, as you can see, this dog is extremely."
  • "Warning: Bruno can be extremely charming, please do not fall in love with him!"

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