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to force: zwingen

a force: eine Kraft, eine Stärke
The door is heavy. You need to use lot of force to open it. Die Tür ist schwer. Man braucht viel Kraft, um sie zu öffnen.


  • "Unless this contract is signed (in duplicate) by tomorrow, we will be forced to withdraw our 2.5 million dollar offer for the branding rights."
  • "Force of habit."
  • "Why is forcing democracy on a country so difficult?"
  • "Bruno had spent his last few dollars on two plane tickets, and so he was forced to stay with his parents, Marc and Sarah."
  • "European Supermarkets , which will be forced to give a one Euro price reduction for each minute a customer spends waiting in the check-out queue."
  • "Day 1 : In order to pay our debt to the restaurant, Horatio and I have been forced to work in the kitchen."
  • "I'm not going to suggest that we force all pubs to allow smoking, and ban non-smokers, however tempting this may be."
  • "I was forced to renounce tea in favour of coffee."
  • "Mistake 2: You should never force lions to wear rollerblades."

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