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a gentleman, a gent: ein Gentleman, ein Kavalier

gentlemanly: galant, vornehm


  • "Genteel manners, impeccable grooming, a slightly flamboyant dress sense, a love of theatre - all the hallmarks of an English gentleman - are frowned upon in a post-Brexit Europe."
  • "Brian : Bruno, your 10 o'clock has arrived for his first day of work - A Scottish gentleman, judging by the smell of him."
  • "Waiter : Will there be anything else gentlemen?"
  • "Anyway gentlemen, come sit on my knee and I shall give you your gifts."
  • "Announcement 2: : Ladies and gentleman."
  • "Miaow Yang : Excuse me gentlemen, but you are sending mixed messages."
  • "A gentlemen uses a straight left."
  • "Hannah : Hello Gentlemen."
  • "Warbuckle : Eh, she's going to say: 'Hello gentlemen, which one of you handsome fellas is going to kiss me at midnight?'"
  • "Have a seat gentlemen, I'll be with you in a minute."

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