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great: groß, großartig, toll
greatest ist der Superlativ von great.

Great!: Großartig!
Pronunciation examples
UK: I have some great news, I'm getting married!
US: Come here and give me a great big hug.
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  • "We need to make this contest great again."
  • "Brian : The initiation test, great guru."
  • "That's great, but I'm not crying."
  • "Sockets to plug phones and laptops in, so your boss can contact you even while you travel (great)."
  • "She writes 'Susie, I receive a lot of e-mails every day, should I answer them or just destroy my computer?' Susie: Great question Lauren."
  • "Bruno : Great!"
  • "No? Great. Well, I think that's enough for one day."
  • "Icarus : Yes, that's great!"
  • "It's what great aunty Hilda would have wanted."
  • "
    Bruno: Great.

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