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Übersetzung & Definition

a hat: ein Hut
my hat is off (to you), or hats off Hut ab (vor dir)!


  • "The weather forecast predicts it's going to be boiling all weekend, so bring your sunscreen, sunglasses and possibly a hat."
  • "I want to see your closet, I want to try on your dresses, I want to meet the guards with the funny hats, but most of all, I want to see."
  • "Chapter 10: The Warbuckle Connection - Guns, Trucks and Cowboy hats"
  • "Sydney : So, Horatio, who's the sheila in the cowboy hat?"
  • "Ride a whale while wearing a cowboy hat."
  • "Up to my office to get my baseball hat."
  • "Behind us is man with funny hat, and over there large river."
  • "Harold wears boots and a cowboy hat"
  • "Jean : I don't have a hat."
  • "You have worn funny hats, taken 17 shots of vodka for breakfast, and purchased 73 Russian dolls."

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