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to hide (from someone): (sich vor jemandem) verstecken
The Moon is hiding behind the clouds. Der Mond versteckt sich hinter den Wolken.
Where did you hide my underwear? Wo hast du meine Unterwäsche versteckt?

Dieses Verb ist unregelmäßig:
I hide / I hid / I have hidden

Pronunciation examples
UK: I don't like it when you hide my stuff. Have you hidden my insulin again?
US: Yes I hid it under a cushion, though I'm not telling you which one.
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  • "You have 30 seconds to hide."
  • "The virus is known as 'Taxman' because you can't hide from it and it removes money from accounts with no warning."
  • "I've told him to hide the monkeys."
  • "Can't you try hiding the perfume from him?"
  • "Philip : Well Edward, a guy from the FBI wants a microfiche, and apparently there's a microfiche hidden in your guitar."
  • "I haven't got anything to hide."
  • "Jean : And Philip, you should hide because he will be very angry against you."
  • "Are you hiding cards in your saddle?"
  • "I am Gunter, a talkative taxi driver with nothing to hide."
  • "Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey"

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