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to hope: hoffen
I hope you had a good time. Ich hoffe, du hattest eine schöne Zeit.

hope: die Hoffnung
Let's not give up hope. Lass uns die Hoffnung nicht aufgeben.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I hope the weather stays this nice for the weekend.
US: I have high hopes for this project.


  • "Bruno : I said 'I hope they bring us many snails'."
  • "I hope that wasn't a metaphor."
  • "I hope you're ready for your indoctrination into the Illuminati, the shadowy elite society that secretly rules the world."
  • "I hope you're well, and that your meeting at the Vatican went better than last time."
  • "Still, there is hope for the human resistance: Edward and I have kidnapped the most important and handsome robot - BrianBot!"
  • "-Nobody's dead I hope."
  • "Edward : Golly, I hope it's an orgy."
  • "Next, and I hope I'm pronouncing this name correctly: Bob?"
  • "I hope you enjoy the frozen tundra."
  • "I hope it wasn't because of a man."

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