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to be hungry: hungrig sein
Hinweis: Im Englischen sagt man immer to be hungry (hungrig sein). Eine Entsprechung zu der deutschen Variante 'Hunger haben' gibt es nicht.

hunger: der Hunger
Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse.
US: Third World hunger is a terrible problem.
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  • "Edward : Baby is hungry."
  • "Xavier : No, Bruno, I got hungry – there is no food in the heaven."
  • "I am hungry!"
  • "Right now, I am so hungry I could die."
  • "
    Bruno: A little bit hungry.
  • "Horatio : Oleré is hungry too!"
  • "Felt faint with hunger until the elderly French woman in the aisle seat next to me offered me a bite of her sardine sandwich."
  • "I am so hungry I could eat an Eskimo."
  • "I've got 10 hungry people waiting for their sausages!"
  • "But I decided to come back to life because I got hungry."

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