In case

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in case (of fire, use the stairs): Bei (Feuer, benutzen Sie die Treppen)

(take an umbrella) just in case: (nimm einen Regenschirm mit) nur für den Fall


  • "In case last night's gymnastics left you with any doubts, I am literally head over heels in love with you!"
  • "just in case of an emergency."
  • "In case that doesn't work, I'm also a certified suicide hotline technician."
  • "In case you've forgotten, we had reached a deal on selling co-branded cosmetic products on the Asian market!"
  • "just in case. Bruno : Huh?"
  • "Edward : Well, I wrote another one just in case."
  • "And the beauty of this song is - in case it wins me any bonus points - you can also use it for New Year too, which I assume I'll also be spending alone."
  • "It's the big, hunky landmass between Africa and the Atlantic in case you were wondering."
  • "Bring your guitar, just in case."

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