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to instruct (somebody) to do (something): (jemanden) beauftragen (etwas) zu tun
He instructed me to stay by the phone. Er hat mich beauftragt, in der Nähe des Telefons zu bleiben.

to instruct (somebody) on doing (something): jemanden anleiten/einweisen, etwas zu tun
Bob instructed me on how to use my computer. Bob hat mich gelehrt, wie ich meinen Computer nutzen kann.


  • "Brent : Well Moira, I suppose that there's no easy answer here, and that the debate will continue until scientists can prove whether eggs are bad for us and then instruct us not to eat them. Just out of curiosity Moira, how many eggs do you eat per week?"
  • "You are still recycling your plastics, like I instructed?"
  • "Icarus : Err, I think you should speak with Mr. Delavigne, because he has instructed me -"
  • "Please contact me immediately so that I can instruct you on how to transfer these funds to your personal bank account."
  • "I have been instructed by Princess Utopia to escort you to your master."
  • "But I'm retired now, and I travel around and instruct people on enjoying life."

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