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an interest: ein Interesse, ein Anteil (Finanzbereich)

to be interested in (ping-pong): sich für (Tischtennis) interessieren
Pronunciation examples
UK: I see you're wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt - are you interested in politics?
US: Not really. Fashion is my main interest.


  • "I would like to formally express my interest in this position, for which I feel I am well qualified."
  • "Hannah looks after Delavigne's interests in retail outlets and points of sale."
  • "You think you're going to go far in life with those interests?"
  • "Excellent people skills (good with animals, too! INTERESTS"
  • "Obviously your resumé piqued my interest."
  • "Social Psychology INTERESTS"
  • "The press will soon lose interest in this story."
  • "I read your CV with interest, but I'm afraid to say we have no suitable vacancies at present."
  • "A president can't use his power to further his own interests, or the interests of his family or friends or even the man he's madly in love with."
  • "In 3 or 4 years, you'll love the interest we've collected!"

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