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to intern (with, at): ein Praktikum machen (bei)
I am interning with the Senator at her New York offices. Ich mache im New Yorker Büro der Senatorin ein Praktikum.
an internship ein Praktikum

an intern (US): ein Praktikant
In British English, an "intern" is understood, however, a work experience person is more commonly used.

an internship (US): ein Praktikum
In British English, "internship" is understood, however, work experience placement is more commonly used.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Have you met the new intern? Oh he's gorgeous.
US: I am interning with the Senator at her New York offices.


  • "Edward Moon - Intern"
  • "My latest mission finds me in possession of a microfiche, obtained from one Edward Moon: intern."
  • "Congrats on your job change from unpaid intern to male model!"
  • "I hereby resign from my position as intern, effective immediately, in order to pursue a new career as ."
  • "Brian : Now, to pay tribute to our fallen comrades, an original composition from unpaid intern Edward Moon."
  • "Leaked nudes of former Intern land Delavigne Corp in hot water!"
  • "I stand before you today not as a pimple-faced intern, fetching coffee and making copies, but as a modern-day Adonis: statuesque, strong, confident."
  • "You can ignore the sign that says "No Interns" on the door."
  • "The internet is abuzz with new photos depicting former Delavigne Corp intern Edward Moon in a series of "compromising" positions."
  • "You have reached the voicemail of intern Edward Moon."

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