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Übersetzung & Definition

(you) just (agreed to come with me): (Sie haben) gerade erst (zugestimmt, mich zu begleiten)


  • "I just kissed a girl named Maria."
  • "Your honor, you just-"
  • "I think BrianBot just exploded."
  • "Congratulations Brian, you just retired early."
  • "I was just looking for you."
  • "Anyway, I am standing next to none other than entrepreneur Bruno Delavigne, who has just emerged from intense marathon negotiation sessions with the International Fruit Concern, Incorporated."
  • "Today is your lucky day: You've just discovered the most successful money-making enterprise in the history of the internet."
  • "Excuse my typical French greeting, but I have just returned from my homeland (France) and I am filled with a love of France (my homeland) and all things French!"
  • "Brian : If you must know, Bruno, the captain has just discovered buried treasure and now I'm wealthy beyond my wildest dreams.."
  • "The mining company has just discovered platinum in Norway."

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