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low: niedrig, tief
Our prices are very low. Unsere Preise sind sehr niedrig.

to lower: herunter-/hinunterlassen, ermäßigen, senken


  • "Lower. lower. lower."
  • "In my mind, a birthday is no different than a funeral - both events indicate that you are moving closer to being lowered into the ground."
  • "Salaries and rent prices are reasonable and the corporate taxes are a lot lower than in Australia."
  • "lower. lower. higher!"
  • "Retailers are starting to realize that it is better to sell low than not sell at all."
  • "While you're here, though, we could talk about lowering your pay."
  • "I can tell why morale is so low."
  • "It highlighted the increased attention on corporations who depend on cheap or illegal labor sources to lower production costs."
  • "oh yeah! Lower."

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