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to march: marschieren

a (50 mile) march: ein (50 Meilen) Marsch
There was a steady march forward from the allied troops. Die alliierten Truppen marschierten stetig voran.

March: März


  • "'The march may be infiltrated by liberal radicals intent on spreading anti-American propaganda and denouncing traditional American values."
  • "He denied us our right to march in the May Day protest, so we're denying him his right to leave the office for the weekend."
  • "On March 17th, 1991 I wasn't in the office, and my mother came back to me!"
  • "'Some members of the Delavigne staff plan to leave early on Friday so that they can attend the march."
  • "Our records indicate that you received the delivery on March 11th."
  • "Edward : We're marching to Bruno's office in protest!"
  • "16 March"
  • "Subject: May Day March"
  • "Leonard : The May Day march is our chance to demand better rights as workers, and Bruno is standing in our way!"
  • "Icarus : Stickypedia was created by Willy James in March 2002 - or November 2001 - depending upon which Stickypedia page you look at."

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