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masculinity: Maskulinität, Männlichkeit

masculine: maskulin


  • "Masculine. Salty."
  • "Each billboard emits the scent of Washed Up, described by Kalvin Krime as 'a masculine blend of sun, surf, and wetsuits'."
  • "In previous ad campaigns, Outback Cologne has been marketed as an extremely masculine scent for the 'outdoorsy', 'rugged', 'manly' type."
  • "Patrice is a celebrated figure whose legacy includes popularizing the 'ready to wear' style of clothing, as well as imbuing traditionally masculine clothing with a female sensibility."
  • "A man whose long, magnificent hair was a symbol of masculinity and freedom, especially in the Philippines for some reason."
  • "We want a scent that will evoke masculinity and maturity."
  • "Icarus : Buh, I prefer more masculine, musky odors."
  • "To sell it as a masculine fragrance?"
  • "Horatio : Now Susie, if you want a masculine scent, I mean masculine, I advise using the tse-tse fly, which lives inside the bull testicle."

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