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Übersetzung & Definition

Miss (Susan Bliss): Fräulein (Susan Bliss)
Miss is a title of respect for an unmarried woman. "Miss" cannot be abbreviated.

Mrs (Sophie Carter): Frau (Sophie Carter)
Mrs is a title of respect for a married woman. It is pronounced "misses" and precedes either the full name or the last name of a woman: Mrs Sophie Carter, or Mrs Carter.

Ms (Luna DeLune): Frau (Luna DeLune)
Ms is a title of respect for a woman, which does not denote her marital status. It is used when a woman does not want to reveal her marital status, or when it is irrelevant.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I don't want people to know if I'm married or not - call me Ms French!
US: My friend Sarah went to church as Miss Trent and left as Mrs Smith.


  • "Jean : Hello, Miss Susie."
  • "Jean : Miss Susie, since the first day I saw you in your office, I have been in love with you."
  • "And it's "Miss" Bliss, but please call me "Susie"."
  • "Jean : Hello Miss Susie."
  • "Miss Susie, will you marry me?"
  • ""Miss Susie" is a little concerned about your frequent visits to her office."

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