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Übersetzung & Definition

a need: ein Bedürfnis, ein Bedarf, eine Notwendigkeit
No need! Das ist nicht nötig!

to need (something): (etwas) brauchen, benötigen

(to be) in need: in einer Notlage (sein)


  • "I need another glass of wine."
  • "Things got a little bit crazy in Kalackistan and I told him that I needed some space, a little bit of time to think."
  • "What I really needed was to spend a bit of time with my best mates Samantha and Jenny, who I've known for ages."
  • "You need a little stromboli with mozzarella, a little schviardelle, a little bit of calzone, fatten you right up!"
  • "I'd love to give you a refund, but you need a receipt for that."
  • "Bruno don't be silly, you won't be needing those."
  • "To help you achieve your goals, I need you to adopt some new habits."
  • "I need rest."
  • "You still need to clean your room and lay the table for supper!"
  • "After all this turmoil and excitement, I needed to sort things out for myself in the comfort of my family home."

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