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(I) never (lie): (Ich lüge) nie

(You must) never ever (do that again!): (Du darfst das) niemals (wieder tun)!


  • "Never Never"
  • "You should work harder, you're never at work on time and I often see you doing stuff that isn't related to your job."
  • "I've never heard that one before."
  • "Robots never!"
  • "Edward : You've never heard music?"
  • "Brian : I'm never coming back, Bruno!"
  • "I've never seen a kangaroo!"
  • "- Never deactivate the firewall we have installed for you, even if it prevents you from accessing certain websites (which are, as it happens, not appropriate for the workplace)."
  • "Philip Never Never"
  • "- Never open attachments from people you don't know, obviously."

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