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an office: ein Büro
Offices Büros


  • "my office!"
  • "Now get dressed, and we'll head to the office, ok?"
  • "Philip : You mean your office?"
  • "Jean : Miss Susie, since the first day I saw you in your office, I have been in love with you."
  • "Last but not least, Bob Carter has finally fixed the printer in my office."
  • "Now which way to the welfare office?"
  • "Icarus : Welcome to the "super duper mystery solving laboratory", everyone, which incidentally doubles as my office."
  • "Is he ever in the office?"
  • "I haven't been in the office in weeks."
  • "In lieu of this pointless, frivolous expenditure, I propose a boring meeting at the office at 8.15 am."

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