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Übersetzung & Definition

an opportunity: eine Gelegenheit, eine Chance
I haven't had an opportunity to thank you for the wonderful fruit basket you sent me. Ich hatte noch keine Gelegenheit mich bei Ihnen für den wunderbaren Obstkorb, den Sie mir geschickt haben, zu bedanken
I'm giving you an opportunity to explain yourself. Go ahead, you have 37 seconds. Ich gebe Ihnen die Gelegenheit sich zu rechtfertigen. Vorwärts, Sie haben 37 Sekunden.
Bruno is currently seeking out investment opportunities in Asia. Bruno ist gerade dabei, Investitionsmöglichkeiten in Asien ausfindig zu machen.
a job opportunity ein Arbeitsangebot
to take the opportunity (to do sthg) die Gelegenheit ergreifen, etwas zu tun

Pronunciation examples
UK: The Asian market is a real business opportunity.
US: I didn't have the opportunity to thank you for the flowers.


  • "Second, the opportunity to manage a customer service department has always been a dream of mine."
  • "Anyway, I really appreciate the opportunity to pursue this type of unorthodox training at the company's expense, and I heartily recommend to the rest of the staff to follow through and do something similar."
  • "Thank you very much for the many opportunities given to me during my tenure at the company, including my state of the art laboratory, monkey staff, and relaxed clothing requirements."
  • "Let me take this opportunity to thank Icarus and his mother for making the effort to come along."
  • "I have a great opportunity for one of you!"
  • "Greg : So, I believe you're going to tell us about job opportunities in South Australia."
  • "You each had the opportunity - and motive - to kill Stink."
  • "Please find below our personalized suggestions for new profiles for your managers on the social media site, LockedIn, based on what we know about each of them. We think that this "facelift" will improve the company's reputation and even provide new business opportunities."
  • "You don't know me, and we've never done business together, but believe me, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
  • "Happy holidays to all and thank you American capitalism for the opportunity to work straight through the festive season with so few days off."

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