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the paperwork: der Papierkram, die Büroarbeit, die Dokumentation
I'm sorry Honey, I'll be late tonight, I've got to take care of some paperwork. Es tut mir leid mein Schatz, ich werde heute Abend spät kommen, ich muss Papierkram erledigen.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Paperwork, paperwork! I should be catching criminals not filling in these stupid forms.
US: I didn't become a cop to do paperwork either!
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  • "All you need is Horatio's signature on the paperwork."
  • "It is not a technical problem. The problem is the paperwork."
  • "No more paperwork for me!"
  • "I can bring the necessary paperwork to your office this afternoon if you wish to go through with the recall."
  • "Also, please put together a contract for Brian, and collect any information we need to fill out our paperwork: social security number, medical history, insurance information and any other personal details."
  • "You signed the paperwork when you joined the company, but I guess you weren't paying attention!"
  • "I think you'll find all of my paperwork is in order."
  • "Yesterday I had to stay at the office later than usual in order to catch up on some paperwork."
  • "We consulted a team of lawyers and real-estate agents before even filling out all the forms. We were all but assured by a clerk in your own office that the paperwork was in perfect order."
  • "Lucy, you stay on the line and we'll sort out the paperwork, okay?"

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