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(There are three) people (in the room): (Es sind drei) Leute (im Raum)
'People' is a collective noun often used as the plural form of 'person' (rather than 'persons').

The people are hungry. Die Leute haben Hunger.

a people: ein Volk

(There are too many) people (here): (Es sind zu viele) Menschen (hier)


  • "It seems that the new European president serves two masters: the people of the old continent as well as Delavigne, his employer for the past decade."
  • "-We've got a problem with the black and white Chinese people at the zoo."
  • "like helping people."
  • "Now then, if there is any man who objects to this lawful union between these two lovely people, let him speak now or forever hold his peace."
  • "Calm down, people."
  • "P (People Opposed to People Oppressing People)."
  • "Of the people of Europe"
  • "Susie : It's also an animal rights organization: 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals'."
  • "People do crazy shit when they get fired."
  • "How does it torture people?"

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