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a (chemical) plant: eine (Chemie-) Fabrik

a plant: eine Pflanze

to plant (a tree): (einen Baum) pflanzen


  • "Brian : Of course, sir, the new factory in Spain: it's going to be the biggest and most modern manufacturing plant in the world!"
  • "Could you water my plants?"
  • "Whether it be beast, plant or man matters not."
  • "Bring me whatever is left of your plant and I'll help you choose a new one."
  • "Assistant : I'm sorry to break this to you, Mr Marron, but in general plants don't respond well to being put in ovens."
  • "Jean : It's the plant I bought last week."
  • "I have to go now, my plant is ready."
  • "We've got some very nice artificial plants which might suit you better."
  • "Assistant : You put your plant in the oven?"
  • "In Delavigne plants and factories"

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