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to poop, to poo: sein Geschäft verrichten, "Kacka" machen (ugs)

poo, poop: die Kacke, die Kacka (ugs)


  • "You two, go in and clean up the monkey poo-poo!"
  • "And he's helping us with our paper recycling system. He's very efficient at chewing confidential financial reports and, oh, he's just pooed on me!"
  • "Philip : Ok team, it's worse than I thought: the chimps have had a serious poop fight."
  • "Your task is to clean the laboratory: The test monkeys have made a real mess playing with their feces (that's "poo poo" to you)."
  • "Hannah : Oh my God, I can smell the poo already, and we haven't even opened the door yet!"
  • "I mean I don't enjoy picking up her poop."
  • "Hannah : You're the intern, go and clean up this monkey poo please!"
  • "Drill Sergeant : Alright listen up you little pieces of poop!"

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