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private: privat, persönlich
Bruno owns two private jets. Bruno hat zwei private Jets.
a private school eine Privatschule
private lessons eine Nachhilfestunde, eine Privatstunde

a private (in the military): ein einfacher Soldat, ein Gefreiter


  • "I have impulsively decided to cancel the private plane flight with Horatio planned for this month."
  • "Private car Mileage"
  • "Subject: A very private matter"
  • "Don't forget the winner of the contest will spend a weekend with me on my private jet (also a contractual obligation)."
  • "Embarrassed zoo employees say that killing such 'problem animals' is standard procedure, and reported that Shoshana will be given a lethal injection in a private ceremony attended by only a veterinarian and a priest."
  • "You'd like my private minitel number?"
  • "Subject: Re: A very private matter"
  • "So does everyone at Delavigne have a private pension plan?"
  • "Private car mileage @56c/mile"
  • "Not only are private plane flights expensive and wasteful, but Horatio is terrified of machines, with the exception of his juicer."

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