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property: ein Besitz, ein Eigentum
government property das Staatseigentum
personal property der Privatbesitz


  • "John : I would like to invite you to a free seminar where you can learn how to invest in property-"
  • "Stella : The property boom is over, Brent."
  • "The US property market is currently suffering a credit crisis, making it attractive for Britons who cannot cope with the sky-high house prices at home."
  • "I've been here for the last few months supervising the final touches to the property, and the fall is the perfect time to visit."
  • "Covers you if your car damages someone else's property."
  • "You see this crown is the property of the Queen of England."
  • "Any personal items left in the bedrooms or bathrooms will become the property of Happy Tulips B & B."
  • "Bruno : I have to say Harold, your property here is spectacular."
  • "Plus I know you have other property all over the country."
  • "Now I'm going to conduct a simple experiment to demonstrate the properties of these different materials."

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