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a quarter (coin): ein 25 Cent-Stück (in den U.S.A.)
Ein quarter ist eine 25 Cent-Münze in den USA Ein quarter bedeutet im wörtlichen Sinn 'ein Viertel'.

a quarter (25 cents) ein Vierteldollar

the (Latin) quarter : das (lateinische) Viertel -> das Quartier Latin ist ein Stadtviertel in Paris

a (financial) quarter: ein Finanzquartal

quarterly: quartalsweise, vierteljährlich, alle drei Monate
Pronunciation examples
UK: Villon lived in the Latin Quarter of Paris.
US: Could you lend me a quarter? I need a cola.
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  • "And then I'm supposed to have a meeting with Philip and talk about the sales budget for the next quarter, and I just know he's going to ask me for more stuff that I can't afford to allocate him, and - well - you know what Philip's like, and."
  • "I've got your orders from last quarter right in front of me, so let's get the ball rolling."
  • "According to my records, you bought 30,000 units last quarter."
  • "During the first quarter of this year, over 5,000 males were surveyed by Smell Solutions about their fragrance buying habits."
  • "Xavier Delavigne, a well-known figure in the Parisian quarter of Montmartre, passed away yesterday."
  • "Brian : It's a temporary downturn in economic activity, usually indicated by two consecutive quarters of a falling GDP."
  • "Krazy Gidyeon's Perfume Warehouse.com is slashing prices on all Delavigne perfumes as part of our crazy quarterly liquidation sale!"
  • "You know how it works: we'll look at how your Delavigne products have been selling this quarter, what you'd like to order more of, what you've still got in stock, etc."
  • "Bordello Breeze: last quarter you ordered 50,000 units."

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