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a reaction: eine Reaktion

to react: reagieren


  • "Reaction to Patrice death continued from page 17"
  • "I've developed a deep understanding of human reactions, which makes me the ideal candidate to interact with customers in a professional, calm and composed fashion."
  • "I'll call him this afternoon, and try to gauge his reaction."
  • "Belinda shows no adverse reactions to test."
  • "Your reactions have been recorded and taken into account."
  • "I've also developed a deep understanding of the full range of human reactions: fear, apprehension, concern, as well as intense anger."
  • "Field research and polling have revealed that there is room on the market for this kind of product, and I'd like to gauge your reactions."
  • "Caller : The lipstick seems to be causing some sort of allergic reaction."
  • "Moira : Other reactions were more positive."

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