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really: wirklich, echt
-I'm the Czar of Kalackistan. -Really? -Ich bin der Zar aus Kalackistan. -Wirklich?

Pronunciation examples
UK: I really am the Queen of Sheba.
US: I don't really believe you.
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  • "Edward :The FBI? Really?"
  • "Oh man, this is really livin'."
  • "I really hope that this is Xiao Xiao, the woman interested in buying my masterpiece, 'Multiplicity'."
  • "Don't be shy, really get your nose right in there."
  • "What's really troubling you, friend?"
  • "It's too bad really, I was looking forward to seeing you in one of those cute orange jumpsuits."
  • "You will make someone really happy someday."
  • "But is this man really who he claims to be?"
  • "I think you are really fit."
  • "Sure, she was popular, had nice skin, and a pony named Penelope, but really, was she happy?"

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