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Übersetzung & Definition

to rent: mieten
I'd like to rent a car. Ich würde gerne ein Auto mieten.
The landlord has decided to rent his apartment for a few months. Der Vermieter hat entschieden, sein Appartement für ein paar Monate zu vermieten.

rent (for the offices): die Miete (des Büros)
Have you paid the rent yet? Hast du schon die Miete bezahlt?


  • "For example, you may one day need to pay rent, bills, or to buy something on the "Internet"."
  • "Estate agent : You do realize that the rent is $6010 per month?"
  • "Sailor : But don't you think renting a nuclear submarine was a little bit excessive?"
  • "This includes finding your new home and paying the rent, shipping your furniture to your chosen destination, and even providing a private American education for your children."
  • "- You can rent tea and coffee making facilities for an extra charge (£12 per night)."
  • "What was your cheque for? Rent? Food?"
  • "I'm a single, 19-year-old boy looking to rent a room in a friendly apartment."
  • "Rent $3,100 per month"
  • "The rent and other specifics will be discussed at the interview stage."
  • "No, I rent my home."

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