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to require (sthg): brauchen, (an-)fordern, verlangen
This recipe requires five eggs. Für dieses Rezept brauchen wir fünf Eier.

to require (someone to do something): von jemandem verlangen, dass er etwas tut
Bruno requires that his employees be on time. Bruno verlangt, dass seine Angestellten pünktlich sind.

required: erforderlich, nötig
Required by law vom Gesetz gefordert

Pronunciation examples
UK: I require you to stay close to me at all times.
US: Seatbelts for all passengers are required by law.
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  • "Let me explain: the company is doing well, and our growing number of customers requires more attention than we are currently providing."
  • "As far as your tasks go, I require growth in the following areas"
  • "I require another one of your delicious beverages."
  • "Requires excellent customer service and communication skills."
  • "1 1/2 month's security deposit required."
  • "DISCLAIMER: For safety reasons, participants are required to be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems. It is advisable to bring a spare pair of underpants."
  • "The chef is a maniacal tyrant and requires that we wash our hands at least twice per day."
  • "A lot of people don't realize that an efficient workplace requires positive energy."
  • "Requires a huge wingspan and is not ideal for night flights."
  • "Background check required."

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