Right here

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right here: genau hier
Stay right here, and don't move. Bleib' hier stehen und beweg dich nicht.

(Your umbrella) is right here!: (Dein Regenschirm) ist genau hier!


  • "It's right here."
  • "I've got some gasoline right here."
  • "We make our own glass right here in the factory."
  • "This is the entrance, and right here is the door that you just came in."
  • "Right here at Delavigne!"
  • "Brian : That shouldn't be a problem. I have the file right here, you should find everything you need about the product's ingredients."
  • "I've got my letter of notice right here."
  • "I'll be standing right here."
  • "My old pal Herbert Broccoli, the same man who produced the famous James Band films, has asked me to be a silent partner in a movie that begins shooting next week, right here in San Francisco."
  • "Bruno : You've got it right here."

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