Right now

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right now: sofort, jetzt


  • "Do you know where I am right now?"
  • "And I don't like what I'm smelling right now."
  • "I have some roommates staying here right now."
  • "You need to decide right now: where do your loyalties lie?"
  • "For right now it's just me and three copy machines, but I think we're going to be huge!"
  • "Edward : Hi, this is Edward Moon, I'm not here right now because I'm taking part in a secret plot to overthrow the robots that have taken over the Delavigne Corporation - boooo!"
  • "For example, I know that Daddy is very emotional right now."
  • "Olaf : Ja, we don't like the police right now."
  • "Be ready at the bus depot by 5 AM. Sorry, money is tight right now."
  • "So buzzed right now, man!"

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