Rock and roll

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rock and roll music: Rock and Roll Musik

Let's rock and roll!: Auf geht's! Zum Angriff!

(Icarus isn't very) rock and roll: (Icarus ist nicht sehr) angesagt


  • "Brian : I believe I am ready to rock and roll."
  • "That isn't very rock and roll is it?"
  • "Brent : Today's top story: In Seattle, Washington, home of trillionaire Bill Gates and birthplace of Rock and roll legend Jimi Hendrix, it's raining."
  • "Philip : So, are you ready to rock and roll, Jones?"
  • "No businessmen wearing suits, just groupies and rock "n" roll babes wearing."
  • "I always wanted to work for the MI5, but they said I was too rock and roll."
  • "After the commercial break stay tuned for our exclusive interview with rock and roll legend Elvis Presley, coming up next."
  • "Philip : Come on Hannah, it's rock "n" roll!"

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